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My blog: visually represented as a Wordle

**Updated on November 16th, 2012. I see a few differences, though I’m surprised “cloud” and “atlas” aren’t more prominently displayed. Tea and books, though…that’s a smart Wordle:

Wordle: on Nov 16

In a shocking turn of events, I use the word “book” more than any other non-common word in this blog! Click on the image to check out my blog in Wordle form as of February 4th, 2012!

Wordle: EditorialEyes.Wordpress.Com

2 thoughts on “My blog: visually represented as a Wordle”

  1. I’m stunned… it’s like you write book reviews or something…

    Funny, the word “book’s” is on the right side, implying that it gets a separate count from “book”, which I think is a little silly. Referring to a book or something about a book should count as the same thing, no? Or maybe that would make “book” so huge it would take up the whole cloud!

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