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You have a story to tell. I want to help you put your best work forward, garner great reviews, and make more sales. Whether you’re preparing to submit your work to an agent or publishing house or you’re an indie author getting ready to self-publish, I will work with you to make your manuscript shine.

I believe in the importance of preserving an author’s voice, intention, and story. I’ll help you with anything from your book’s blurb to typo detection to a large-scale evaluation of your themes, characters, and plot.  I’m happy to do a free 1000-word sample edit or proofread for works longer than 20,000 words.

A graduate of Ryerson’s publishing program with over ten years’ experience, including in-house at Harlequin, I’m excited to work with authors of all genres. I offer highly professional, affordable editorial, proofreading, copywriting, and critique services.


Big picture critique services (substantive/structural editing, manuscript critiques, and synopsis and query letter critiques)

 Word by word, line by line (stylistic/line editing, proofreading, and audiobook proofing)

Other services (back cover copy/blurb writing, marketing/website/social media help, indexing)


 Email me to discuss your project.

A bookseller in Budapest, Hungary.