The World War Z Readalong

World War Z banner final

Mr. Dee is a big Max Brooks fan. He’s a big zombie fan in general. I’m far less immersed in zombie culture. I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead (brilliant) and read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (gimmicky and overrated), but I’m not familiar with The Walking Dead or the Army of Darkness movies. I’ve read some Derrida on the subject, and I’ve been on subways and chatted with Zombie Walkers. But I’ve never read Max Brooks.

So this is going to be an interesting readalong, because this book is brand new to me. I’m fascinated by the idea that this is an “oral history,” a gathering of individual accounts of just what happened when the global zombie pandemic swept the world, rather than a traditional narrative. We’ll go section by section and a new post will go up each Tuesday. I’m reading the Kindle edition, so references and quotes will be marked by location rather than page numbers.

You can follow along, or join the discussion, here:

Movie review: World War Z—August 7th

Part 1: Introduction and Warnings—June 11th

Part 2: Blame—June 18th

Part 3: The Great Panic—July 2nd

Part 4: Turning the Tide—July 9th

Part 5: Home Front USA —July 16th

Part 6: Around the World, and Above—July 23rd

Part 7: Total War—July 30th

Part 8: Good-Byes—August 6th

Final thoughts—August 13th

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2 thoughts on “The World War Z Readalong”

  1. I just came across this…I wonder if I can still catch up?! it’s been on my shelves for ages….
    *nervously eyes stack of books currently competing for reading time*

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