The Possession Readalong

This readalong is currently on hiatus, until I settle into a more Byatteseque mood.
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The eminent Victorian poet Randolph Henry Ash and his obscure counterpart Christabel Lamotte should barely have crossed paths, let alone conducted a dizzying affair that shook social mores and ruined lives. And how could it have stayed hidden all these years? Ash expert Roland Michell and Lamotte expert Maud Bailey go on the hunt for clues to better understand the mysterious letters Roland has discovered. But the stakes are upped monumentally when others join the chase—Roland’s and Maud’s very reputations could be disgraced, and shocking truths may come to light at last.

A detective tale that merrily chases through diaries, letters, and epic poems, a sweeping forbidden romance, a sharp critique of academia, and a brilliantly entertaining story, A.S. Byatt’s Booker-Prize-winning Possession is well worth sinking into.

Want a copy? Possession is published by Vintage. Pick your copy up at the Random House website (in Canada; for US readers, go here),, and fine independent bookstores everywhere. Each week I’ll look at between one and three chapters, depending on their length. You can follow along, or join the discussion every Wednesday here:

Introduction—January 2nd, 2013

Chapters 1, 2, and 3—January 16th, 2013

Chapters 4 and 5—January 23rd, 2013

Chapters 6 and 7

Chapters 8 and 9

Chapter 10

Chapters 11 and 12

Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Chapters 16, 17, and 18

Chapter 19

Chapters 20 , 21, and 22

Chapters 23, 24, and 25

Chapters 26, 27, 28, and postscript

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